Married to Parkinsons

Is Parkinson’s Hereditary? The Role of Genetics in Parkinson’s Disease

It's very rare for Parkinson's to be passed onto your children. Click for more ... Is it hereditary?

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This made me stop and go back at the store today!

I'm not saying this to 'toot my own horn' but I felt I needed to share what happened today. Ray and I were on our way out of the grocery store today . We passed by one of those charity tables that you see often in stores.. This time, however, I came to a dead… Continue reading This made me stop and go back at the store today!

Married to Parkinsons

10 Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

  Part of bringing awareness to this disease is also to understand what exactly happens and what the symptoms are to look for in its early stages .. The link below clearly defines what these are .   Parkinson's disease is a disorder of the nervous system that primarily affects bodily movement. Impairment or death of… Continue reading 10 Signs of Parkinson’s Disease


My Journey going meatless..

Bumping up this poll .. i am the last option .. what is yours .. or write in ‘other’ Please share 🙂 !

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fb_img_15393936075722556167937676098377.jpgLast 2 years my health wasn’t the best..a lot of it had to do with how my body was not co-operating with the effects of Menopause. I had day surgery last year to help correct this….

But I was finding that my body was processing most meats (esp pork, beef and ham products) like fast food ….ya yuck! So i eliminated at a time! By June i was poultry free!

Two things I have noticed …much less bouts of Montezuma’s Revenge, within the first three months I started loosing weight like fact,I still am loosing weight!  I am eating more greens .. more beans, and taking iron supplements .. Taking Iron and Vit C supplements.  I still eat Dairy, (Eggs, Cheese Milk , yogurt) and I am still eating fish … so i am what is called a Pescetarian.

Screenshot_2018-10-13 00f92f30-2162-44f9-ae69-66c2723187d1 png (PNG Image, 810 × 601 pixels)

So according to this definition I can still call…

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Married to Parkinsons

The Stages and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

'Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck ups!!' Well with Parkinson's Disease this can be so very true looking on the outside in .. Do not assume someone is drunk just because of how they are slouching, bent or shuffling.. look a little closer .. !! In the following attachments it outlines the  stages and… Continue reading The Stages and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Married to Parkinsons

Married with Parkinson’s Disease..

My husband Ray and I were married in 1990 and , as most couples we planned a family, a life together . We knew as with every relationship there would be challenges, some were going to challenge our resolve and our committment to one another, and there sure has been.. We had reached 2006 ...… Continue reading Married with Parkinson’s Disease..

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Do I say too much..?

I try to be honest and authentic...but do I say too much? Do I go to far..or should I just STFU ... ? I know I have lots who care about me...but even then I wonder 'Oh boy ha ...I've really got them all fooled ...and when they finally 'wise up' poof off they go.… Continue reading Do I say too much..?