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My Job Search …

  I just copied and pasted this off of my twitter thread .. So if it looks a bit disjointed thats why haha ! I have this also pinned to my twitter feed for now too so others can see it .. I will add onto this blog post here and as the thread may… Continue reading My Job Search …

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Making it Through The Rain ..

This blog is by a very good and long term Social Media friend Mz Tracy.  Tracy is a vibrant, funny and very optimistic human being! She also is an MS Warrior !! This blog follows her journey with her illness. It also shows her love for her family, for animals, for Coffee Mugs ...(she has… Continue reading Making it Through The Rain ..

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Two Rooms Plus Utilities ..

I follow Pamela on twitter .. this is her life story . She lives with Multiple Sclerosis and eventually has become housebound. I find her posts and tweets incredibly inspiring .. So i thought i would share her story here too with my followers and hope others have gained the same inspiration and strength from… Continue reading Two Rooms Plus Utilities ..

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Hanging the Mirror : Dignity and Worth: The Cornerstone of Healthy Human Systems

Found this blog .. and this article ..please give it a gander really drives home the value of human dignity  !! Please feel free to discuss below :)) . Dignity and Worth: The Cornerstone of Healthy Human Systems  

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Going to try to cut back on Social Media

  I had a chat with a friend earlier .. after I had put up a thead on twitter and i think I'll carry on this theme a bit further ! He saw that I had decided to limit my time online to 1am and then work on going to bed earlier so that eventually… Continue reading Going to try to cut back on Social Media

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I’m not worthy…But when are others worthy of her..?

She used to say I'm not worthy...But when are others worthy of her..? She's not rich or famous...but she's gives a wealth of love, care and fierce loyalty.... So then....are you worthy ...? '

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Winter or Seasonal Blues..we all get em right?

Well I'm in a much better frame of mind then I was even earlier today ... I realize  I have been Having quite the show of 'self apathy' last several days ... I'll try to curb that a bit okay... I could blame seasonal depression, hormones due to menopause .. it was mainly out of worry ! ....and… Continue reading Winter or Seasonal Blues..we all get em right?